The Beehive is a mastermind group made up of bright, ambitious movers and shakers that are polished, serious about growing their business and expanding their impact. To be considered to join the community, you need to have hustle, good emotional intelligence and play well with others. For all those reasons and more, I thought you'd be a good fit, and this is your formal invitation to join us.  

Think of The Beehive as a committed peer advisory group, or board of directors, or cheerleading squad that you can brainstorm with, troubleshoot with, grow with and from, etc.  Each member's goals tend to be slightly different, but a specific theme of this group will be populating the community with individuals that are actively working on growing their business and themselves, as the two are so often inter-related.  Each member defines the 3 main things that come hell or highwater they are committing to accomplishing through their membership in the group.
The group meets monthly for 3 hours, and members will have accountability partners that they are encouraged to connect with in between meetings.  During the meetings, everyone will have an opportunity to talk about something that they are challenged with or working on, and the group will provide feedback.  Each meeting, one member has a hot seat where we do a deep dive and focus on whatever problem that member has, which, if solved, would have the greatest impact on their business.  The four main things that the group offers each other are their experience, network, wisdom and resources.  

Welcome to the group!