The Right Track, Right Tact College Jumpstart Experience



If you've got a kid in college, trust me, you don't want them to follow my path.  

The average college tuition for a bachelor’s degree is currently over $180,000.  Throw in another $80-150k if you screw up like I did and go to grad school.  We’re now exceeding a quarter million dollar investment in your child’s future.  But if your child’s experience even remotely reflects mine, all you’re doing is building an intelligent car that doesn’t know where it’s driving or how to get there.

One of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotations is to the effect of: “If I have six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend four hours sharpening my ax.”

Here’s my question to you: think about the hundreds of hours the student you have in mind has spent studying and learning a subject matter?  Now compare that to the number of hours they’ve spent with someone (who’s NOT their parent!) brainstorming and exploring what things will look like after college.  If this student is like most people, the ratio is shocking and it immediately explains why so many young adults careers' go sideways in the early (ie, most critical) years.

Although I succeeded on paper in post-college careers, I was generally miserable for 15 years trying to figure out where I fit in the landscape.  Throw in law school, culinary school, a closed restaurant, and the opportunity costs of non-resonant career paths quickly exceeds the cost of college.  And I’m by no means the exception.

Knowledge isn’t know how.  Recognize that this student’s brain is the tool, but that we need to combine that with the heart space and get the two of them synergized so that they hit the ground running.  Think about the countless bright (yet adrift) 20 and 30-somethings that you know that sleepwalk through (or worse yet, HATE) their careers.  I want to put a dent in that.

So here’s what I’m offering:

The Right Track, Right Tact College Jumpstart Experience


This program is a good fit for students who want the following:

·      A better understanding of who they are and what their calling is.

·      To make piece with the internal struggle of what’s “safe” or what I “should” do versus what I want to do.

·      Students who want to better understand the relationship between this next step in their evolution with their bigger life’s path.

·      High-achievers who need help navigating the “curse of the talented”—i.e., because they’re so bright, they can do many different things, which makes it harder for them to choose what they truly want to do.


Here’s how we’re going to achieve those outcomes—participants will receive the following:

·      An interactive SuccessDNA personality assessment to begin the process of self-understanding.

·      Entrepreneurial Aptitude Assessment—is entrepreneurship the right path for you?

·      What matters to me? (life values questionnaire that I use with my private clients)

·      Membership in a private Facebook group where members can post questions, get feedback and receive support from each other.

·      Two open forum group Q&A sessions where students can ask me whatever they want.  I’ll cull the best questions from the FB community group, and we’ll take some live questions as well.  In order to jumpstart this process before winter break ends, the sessions will be on Jan 7th, 11am-1pm, and Jan 21st from 12pm-2pm (all times Pacific) on Zoom and the sessions will be recorded. 

·      One hour of personal one-on-one coaching with one of my partner coaches to address and explore questions specific to that member. 

An investment of $399 gets your student in the The Right Track, Right Tact College Jumpstart Experience.

Pull out your calculator and put your ROI cap on: $399 is 0.2% of the cost of an average four-year degree.  Put differently: if your student can avoid just one mistake, or better yet, get nudged just one degree or two in the right direction, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the investment pays for itself in multiple times over.

Seeing as it’s the holidays, I want to sweeten the pot: commit before Christmas and claim your space for just $299.  That’s five hours of advising, two assessments and membership in a curated community of like-minded individuals.  How much could that move the needle for the student you have in mind?

Consumers are estimated to spend over 800 BILLION (!) dollars this holiday season.  And let’s be honest, most of that is going to be spent on buying lots of dumb stuff.  Give something that matters this holiday season.  Claim a seat for your student in this Right Track, Right Tact Jumpstart Experience by shooting me an email at

Feeling in the giving mood?  Consider gifting a deserving someone who merits the seat a jumpstart experience scholarship. 

Trust me, if you need any further evidence that you don’t want your student to turn out like me, just peruse the photo below.  Here I am at a recent charity event in Sonoma, dressed up like French aristocracy, having just won a scooter in a raffle.  This is what happens when you leave college without a plan.  Don’t be like Jay. 

Happy holidays,