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We’ve partnered with the Entrepreneurial DNA gurus at BOSI to bring a powerful new resource to you. It’s called the BOSI Assessment and it measures your Entrepreneurial DNA. 

Are all entrepreneurs wired the same?

"Of course not! We're different," you say.

But what does that mean for the type of business you should run, how you should run that business and who you should have on your team in that business?

Here’s why this Assessment is so important for you to take:

You’ll discover if your entrepreneurial behavior mimics Donald Trump, Richard Branson or Steve Jobs. Knowing your Entrepreneurial DNA will give you insight into how to run your company even more efficiently, how to build and lead your team. Even how to network, align and for better partnerships. 

Thanks to our partnership with BOSI, the assessment is absolutely free for you. Simply click the button below. The assessment takes less than 5 minutes.


It's based on the BOSI methodology, which is laid out in the book Entrepreneurial DNA and announced at a prior TEDx event.  Entrepreneur Magazine named Entrepreneurial DNA as one of the top 14 books to read, and Seth Godin wrote "Not all entrepreneurs are the same.  Neither are all businesses...this engaging [methodology]...helps you sort it all out and find the path that's right for you."  

Watch the video below for a more information on how I help entrepreneurs be their best selves.